Community Rules

This Community Rules (“Rules”) regulate general matters of the users in relation to the Services provided by us. For avoidance of doubt, the capitalised terms used in these Rules are defined in the Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”).

 You agree that these Rules govern your use of our Services and are incorporated into the Terms of Service. If there is any conflict between these Rules and the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service will prevail. If you violate these Rules, we may take action against you or your Account, in accordance with these Rules or the Terms of Service, including but not limited to immediate termination of your Account with us. The matters that are not specifically mentioned in these Rules shall be treated in accordance with the Terms of Service and relevant jurisdiction.


1.1. You agree that you shall not, under any circumstances:

(a) Use the Services for any unauthorized commercial purpose, including but not limited to (1) communicating a commercial advertisement or facilitating a commercial transaction, including without limitation spamming other players; (2) offering or soliciting Accounts or Virtual Items for sale or transfer; or (3) soliciting donations or contributions to any personal or charitable cause;

(b) Use the Services, intentionally or unintentionally, in violation or breach of any applicable law or regulation, or in a way that may put Poker2u in violation or breach of any applicable law or regulation, or in a way that promotes the violation or breach of any applicable law or regulation;

(c) Engage in any act that Poker2u deems in its sole discretion to be in conflict with the spirit or intent of the Services, including without limitation circumventing or manipulating the Terms, these Rules, other Feature Terms, game rules, game mechanics, or other Poker2u policies;

(d) Design, use, distribute, or sell cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods, or any unauthorized third-party or other software designed to modify or interfere with the Services;

(e) Institute, execute, assist, encourage, or become involved in any type of attack on the Services, including without limitation distribution of malware, making a denial-of-service attack, or any other attempt to disrupt the Services or any other person’s use or enjoyment of the Services;

(f) Try to gain unauthorized access to the Services, Accounts registered to others, or to any computer or server used to offer or support the Services or network connected to the Services by any means other than the user interface provided by Poker2u, including and without limiting to the circumventing or modifying or causing to be modified, attempting to circumvent or modify, or encouraging or assisting any other person to circumvent or modify, any security, technology, device, file, or software that is part of the Services;

(g) Use, facilitate, create, or maintain any unauthorized connection to the Services, including without limitation (1) any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates, or attempts to emulate any part of the Services; or (2) any connection using programs, tools, or software not expressly approved by Poker2u;

(h) Use any unauthorized third-party or other software that accesses, intercepts, or otherwise collects information from or through the Services or that is in transit from or to the Services, including without limitation any software that reads areas of RAM or streams of network traffic used by the Services to store information about Poker2u game characters, elements, or environments;

(i) Intercept, examine, or otherwise observe any proprietary communications protocol used by a client, a server, or the Services, whether through the use of a network analyzer, packet sniffer, or any other tools;

(j) Make any automated use of the Services or take any action that imposes or may impose (in our sole discretion) an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;

(k) Bypass any robot exclusion headers or other measures we employ to restrict access to the Services or use any software, technology, or device to send content or messages, scrape, spider, or crawl the Services, or harvest or manipulate data;

(l) Interfere or try to interfere with the proper functioning of the Services, or connect to or use the Services in any way not expressly permitted by the Terms of Service, Feature Terms, or these Rules, including without limitation disrupting, overburdening, or assisting in the disruption or overburdening of the Services;

(m) Make improper use of Poker2u customer support services, including by submitting false abuse reports or using profane or abusive language in communications with our support personnel;

(n) Modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decipher, or otherwise try to derive the source code from us, or to obtain any information from the Services using any method not expressly permitted by Poker2u.


2.1. This Code of Conduct sets out the codes regulating the conducts and behaviours of the Users. As a User, you agree to abide by the following codes when using our Services.

2.2. Creation and Usage of Account

(a) You must not transfer or cause to be transferred your Account or any Virtual Items associated with your Account to anyone without Poker2u’s written permission. Any such transfer or attempted transfer is prohibited and void;

(b) You are not allowed to share Account with persons other than yourself and must not access or use an Account or Virtual Items that have been transferred from the original Account creator without Poker2u’s written permission;

(c) You must not unlawfully obtain login information or access Accounts that are not registered by yourself.

2.3. Offensive / Illegal Content

When using our Services, you must not publish, circulate and/or post any contents that:-

(i) Are inappropriate or offensive such as contents that contain profanity, obscenities, violence, pornography, drug references, retaliation or provocation or otherwise;

(ii) Are disrespectful or discriminating towards the others based on their race, gender, nationality, etc;

(iii) Are malicious including but not limited to viruses, malware, or spyware or any other programs that may damage the operation of the Services;

(iv) Advocate or promote drugs or illegal activities;

(v) Harass, abuse, or harm, or advocate or incite harassment, abuse, or harm of another person or group, including but without limiting to contents that contain racial, ethnic or religious slurs or references to criminal, political or religious figures.

2.4. Infringing or Improper User of Other’s Personal Information

When using our Services, you must not:-

(i) collect, misuse, or disseminate any other user’s content or personal information including e-mail addresses;

(ii) publish, circulate and/or post content or a link to content that infringes or violates intellectual property or proprietary rights belonging to others, or that discloses or aids in the disclosure of other’s confidential information;

(iii) upload or transmit, or attempt to upload or transmit, without Poker2u’s express written permission, any material that acts as a passive or active information collection or transmission mechanism, including without limitation clear graphics interchange formats (“gifs”), 1×1 pixels, web bugs, cookies, or other similar devices or technologies (sometimes referred to as “spyware,” “passive collection mechanisms” or “pcms,” or “malware”).

2.5. Promoting & Advertising

(a) You agree and acknowledged that all Poker2u’s product contents, including but not limited to logos, trademarks, videos, software, and online products is copyrighted material. Without express permission from Poker2u, you shall never copy, modify, reproduce, translate, or tailor products or create new products or derivative works using the products in any written, visual or audio form, or by any means whether electronic or mechanical. Any such activity constitutes an infringement of Poker2u’s copyrights, trademarks, proprietary rights and may result in legal action;

(b) You agree that you will not, under any circumstances, promote Poker2u as a real money gambling application;

(c) For the purposes of promoting and advertising your Fanpage, you are ONLY allowed to use Poker2u’s Offical Logo and/or brand elements provided that you have obtained Poker2u’s permission and the advertising and/or promotional materials must fulfil the following requirements:-

(i) the advertising and/or promotional materials focus on your own brand materials such as Club Logo/Fan Page Logo/Union Logo etc;

(ii) you must clarify that Poker2u does not in any circumstance involve with the operation of the Club/Union;

(iii) the following disclaimer must be stated therein:-

“Poker2u is a mobile gaming application and does not provide or involve in any real money gambling services. Poker2u is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does Poker2u endorse it.”

We reserve the right to review all promoting materials and advertisements and to request for modifications and/or removal of the same. If we become aware that any website or social media page is in violation of these Rules, the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, the Featured Terms, or any other Poker2u’s policies, we also reserve our right to take action to the fullest limit possible, including but not limited to suspending and/or removing your user account or Club or Union.

(d) Fair Usage of Poker2u’s Logo and/or Brand Elements

(i) Examples of usage that may fall under fair use:

Discussion of Poker2u’s new features and club activities and sharing of screenshots of your gameplay you played with your friends.

(ii) Examples of usage that may not fall under fair use:

Using Poker2u’s brand elements to mislead the visitors as to your affiliation with Poker2u and/or to promote your Club/Union without permission by us and/or to encourage violation of Poker2u’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Featured Terms, these Rules and other Poker2u’s policies.

Should you have any doubt, please contact us via email:

(e) Domain Naming and Brand Usage

Please indicate clearly that Poker2u is not affiliated with your business:

(i) You must take reasonable steps to ensure that the users are not confused by the status and domain name(s) of your site.

(ii) You should indicate clearly the status of your site whether it is a Club fansite, Union Fansite or otherwise (e.g. “fansite”, “unofficial fansite”, “unofficial fanpage”, “unofficial union fan page” or any other designation that has obtained our written approval.)

(iii) You should not use domains that imitate closely of the official Poker2u’s domain.

2.6. Collusion and Cheating

(a) You agree to and acknowledge that the following conducts are strictly prohibited by us:

(i) Collusion - a situation in which you and other players work together, either by sharing knowledge or other means, to gain an unfair advantage.

(ii) Chip dumping - a situation in which you lose a hand intentionally to another player in order to transfer chips and vice versa.

Note: In order to prevent cheating, we do not allow players from the same household (or anyone sharing the same IP address) to play in the same ring game or tournament where 10 or fewer players are registered.


Violation of any criteria in these Rules may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of the Services in accordance with the Terms of Service and any other legal actions by us. Penalties are imposed at the sole discretion of Poker2u.